The Ohio Hellbender Hut
  • Original design from: Briggler JT, Ackerson JR. 2012. Construction and use of artificial shelters to supplement habitat for hellbenders (Cryptobranchus alleganiensis). Herpetological Review 43(3): 412-416.
  • Stainless steel mold designed and constructed by Norwalk Precast Molds, Inc. in 2014 for $3,200.  Paid for through grant from Columbus Zoo & Aquarium.  Estimate for duplicate mold in 2018: $4,200.
  • Constructed in two pieces.  Held together using Conseal CS-665, a non-toxic, butyl rubber sealant used in drinking water cisterns and potable water systems.
  • Huts constructed by Bluffton Precast Concrete.  Current price: $290/ea. not including PVC plug, Conseal, or lid locking system.
  • Low pH concrete – following the formula of – uses W.R. Grace's Force 10,000 microsilica.
Annotated design of Hellbender Hut mold

  • In 2018, lids were modified with ¼” hole, through which a 3” long eyebolt is inserted into a steel bar used to lock the lid.

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