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Ohio Herp Checklist

Standard English & Scientific Names of Ohio Amphibians & Reptiles

This checklist provides the standard names of amphibians and reptiles that reside in Ohio as developed by a committee sanctioned by the Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, the Association of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, and the Herpetologists' League.

The need for this checklist arose when, after the seventh edition, the aforementioned "names committee" began posting the "most up to date list" as an electronic spreadsheet (now referred to as the SSAR North American Species Names Database).  This electronic resource is undated and "dynamic," attributes that are most unwelcome for a resource that is portrayed as the standard.  (For a more in-depth critique of the "official names" list, see Pauly et al. 2009.)

The first four columns include the names from the 6th and 7th editions of the SCIENTIFIC AND STANDARD ENGLISH NAMES OF AMPHIBIANS AND REPTILES OF NORTH AMERICA NORTH OF MEXICO, WITH COMMENTS REGARDING CONFIDENCE IN OUR UNDERSTANDING dated 2008 and 2012, respectively.  These are the last two references to be printed (hard copy).  To the right are the names from the SSAR N.A. Species Names Database, from the dates when accessed.  (I try to check them yearly.)  Whenever a scientific or standard English name has changed from the previous version (or when I last accessed the electronic version) I have indicated this by highlighting the cell in yellow

Names are provided exactly as they appear in the respective sources.  In some cases, I have indicated what I believe to be errors [sic].  The two columns furthest to the right are the most updated scientific and standard English names as they appeared when I last accessed the SSAR N.A. Species Database.  To find the currently accepted names, scroll all the way to the right.  Then, you can look across the row to the left to see previous names.

There are a variety of reasons why tracking these changes is important, and the arguably arbitrary nature of some changes can be frustrating.  As just one example of the real-world importance of names, consider that most wildlife laws and regulations include the names of species; and, laws don't change as quickly as the systematist's latest findings!    

This spreadsheet is also available for download as an Excel file (or create a copy in your own Google Drive).

Ohio Herp Checklist