Ohio Herpetologists

Certainly incomplete, this is my attempt at a directory of the people currently involved in research and/or conservation of Ohio's amphibian and reptiles. Please contact me with additions or corrections to this work in progress. 
I also have a list of herpetological groups in Ohio, here.
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NameAffiliationResearch, Taxa Interests in OhioWebsite
NameAffiliationResearch, Taxa Interests in OhioWebsite
Anthony, Carl John Carroll University Behavioral ecology, Evolution, Herpetology (especially kin selection, cannibalism, competition, life history evolution). Link 
Bekker, Kent Toledo Zoo Eastern Fox Snake, Blanding's Turtle, Lake Erie Watersnake Link 
Benard, Mike Case Western Reserve University Amphibian declines; responses to environmental changes Link 
Boone, Michelle Miami University Conservation biology of amphibians; effects of pesticides. Link 
Cross, Matt Toledo Zoo Box Turtle, Kirtland's Snake, Blanding's Turtle, GPS tracking Link 
Davis, Jeff Cincinnati Museum of Natural History Ohio Frog and Toad Calling Survey coordinator. Eastern Spadefoot, Eastern Massasauga, softshell turtles. Link 
Denton, Rob University of Minnesota Morris Unisexual Ambystoma Link 
Gara, Brian Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Wetland ecology. Landscape factors affecting amphibian occurrence in wetlands. Link 
Gibbs, H. Lisle Ohio State University Molecular ecology and conservation genetics of Eastern Massasauga and unisexual Ambystoma. Link 
Goldstein, David Wright State University Osmoregulatory aspects of cold acclimation and freeze tolerance in amphibians Link 
Greenwald, Katherine Eastern Michigan University Molecular ecology and conservation biology of unisexual Ambystoma. Link 
Herman, Tim  Four-toed Salamanders. Link 
Hickerson, Cari John Carroll University Salamander behavioral ecology Link 
Homan, Rebecca Denison University Amphibian habitat use. Link 
Johantgen, Pete Columbus Zoo Eastern Plains Gartersnake, Eastern Hellbender. Link 
King, Rich Northern Illinois University Lake Erie Watersnake, Lake Erie Island biogeography. Link 
Kingsbury, Bruce Indiana-Purdue University, Ft. Wayne Copper-bellied Watersnake Link 
Krusling, Paul Cincinnati Museum of Natural History Turtles and amphibians.  
Krynak, Katherine Ohio Northern University Disease resistance; responses to environmental changes Link 
Kutcha, Shawn R. Ohio University Biogeography and evolution. Link 
Lehtinen, Rick College of Wooster Cricket Frog; Ravine-Red-backed Salamanders. Link 
Matson, Tim Cleveland Museum of Natural History Mudpuppies, Gray Treefrogs, Ambystoma salamanders. Link 
Miccachion, Mick Midwest Biodiversity Institute Wetland ecology. Amphibian Index of Biotic Integrity (AmphIBI). Factors influencing amphibian distribution. Link 
Moody, Scott Ohio University Evolution. Link 
Muehlheim, Roberta Cleveland Museum of Natural History Amphibian ecology and diseases; ranavirus. Link 
Peterman, Bill Ohio State University Plethodontid salamanders, conservation, ecology; Timber Rattlesnake ecology Link 
Pfingsten, Ralph Cleveland Museum of Natural History Salamanders. Link 
Phillips, Richard Wittenberg University Spotted Turtles; Kirtland's Snakes Link 
Popescu, Viorel  Ohio University Vernal pools, amphibian ecology, conservation planning. Link 
Refsnider, Jeanine University of Toledo Turtles; harmful algal blooms Link 
Reichenbach, Norm Liberty University Eastern Plains Gartersnake. Link 
Richards-Dimitrie, Teal Enviroscience, Inc. Map turtles Link 
Roosenburg, Willem Ohio University Ouachita Map Turtle, Northern Map Turtle. Link 
Sheil, Christopher John Carroll University Systematic herpetology, Skeletal morphology, and Evolutionary development. . Turtle ecology. Link 
Smith, Geoff Denison University  Amphibian ecology. Link 
Spear, Stephen The Wilds eDNA, Hellbenders, ecology Link 
Spetz, Jim Medina County Park District Blanding's Turtle Link 
Stanford, Kristin Ohio State University Lake Erie Watersnake. Link 
Waters, Mark Ohio University Queensnake. Behavior. Link 
Williams, P. Kelly University of Dayton Unisexual Ambystoma Link 
Wynn, Doug Ohio State University Eastern Massasauga, Timber Rattlesnake, snakes.  
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